Mission impossible: Lose Weight

Year after year thousands of people decide to accept an Impossible Mission: Lose Weight, but as soon as the first 2 weeks of January pass many have surrendered. I read in an article about a gym that they rented equipment for the first 2 weeks of January because the number of people who registered in January was high and their equipment was not enough, but after January 15 they returned the equipment since everything returned to habitual number of users and this in many occasions is because we do not achieve Discipline and it is only an impulse.

Today I do not want to talk about magic formulas, or complicated diets, but I want to tell you my experience and to start I want to show you 2 personal photos of which I am not proud:








These photos are about a year ago, where I got to 250 pounds and repeatedly tried to lose weight, failing in the attempt. I started the gym, I paid the month, and I only went between 8 and 10 days a month, which far from helping me caused more anxiety and disappointment.

At that moment it became an Impossible Mission, I felt helpless, and different diseases began to appear, but there was a trigger that made me react.

Basketball is one of my favorite hobbies and I play in a local league, even with my overweight I could play a complete match, of course not 100%. On March 25, 2017 had a key game, which could not play more than 5 minutes without getting out of breath, the second quarter I could only walk and decided to get out, the third quarter stayed in the bench and in the last quarter I needed to go in again, I play center and there was no other person to fill that position, so I went in but could not run, knee was hurting and overweight did not cooperate to that, finished the game with a feeling of frustration which made me say no more.

It was not the diseases, it was not how I looked, it was not that people around me constantly told me to take care of myself, but the fact that I could not do one of the activities that I am more passionate about, which made me react and do a change in my life so on Sunday, the 26th, at night, I told my wife, tomorrow I’ll go early for a walk and on Monday at 5:45 am I was walking down the main street where I live.

And that’s when everything started. I started to do small changes to my daily routine, the first two weeks a 30-minute walk in the morning, with this I started to feel better and my wife joined me and we started hiking in the morning and at night, We increased the walks to 45 minutes.  Also I made a change in how I was eating and started to take some shakes for internal cleaning and reduced our portions of food and the consumption of fast food and soda, after 4 weeks of these walks and food change, I had already lost 10 pounds, of course I was walking from Monday to Sunday, without rest. With this my body began to react and walking was not enough, so I started to exercise as how you do in schools, jumping clowns, squats, jumping the rope, push ups, etc. Of course it was difficult and I could not resist many sets, but when I did it daily, my body began to strengthen and every day I could do a little more.

After 4 months of training every day, I lost 40 pounds, now I was not walking but running in the morning an average of 5-6 km in 30-35 minutes, then in the afternoon training, either watching videos on youtube, or with some weights that I bought in wallmart for less than $ 50, this without going to the gym, everything was from home, using what I had and I was adding a little more equipment from time to time, Here I what I’ve got:

It’s nothing out of this world, I have not spent more than $ 150 to buy everything, and I’ve been buying over the months instead of paying gym membership, it’s not the finest, but it’s what has helped me.

Now I have 284 continuous days of exercise, and even if I feel exhausted, or I do not feel encouraged to do so, I force myself to do at least 45 minutes of daily exercise, either at 5:30 am or at 10:30 pm, I do not leave a single day, which now is already 9 full months and a total weight loss of 50 pounds, I clarify, it is not that I already have the six pack, but I like how I look, I feel energized, diseases disappeared, and most importantly, I can play a full basketball game, running the whole game and contributing to the team as how it should be. And I clarify, I’m not on a diet, I did the diet for the first 2 months, then I tried to change my habits, but food is one of the greatest pleasures in this world and I’m still working to eat the healthiest I can most of the time but It is a work in progress, but with effort and discipline it will be achieved, and so that you do not say that this is not true, here is a picture of how I am now:


I hope I have not bored you with my story, but I want to encourage you that if you have been struggling with the Mission Impossible to lose weight, do not give up, find your true reason, find your why, and it will keep you motivated for whenever you want to give up and will get you up when you do not want to do it, and remember, without discipline and perseverance, there are no results.